Below are some of the projects I've worked on over the years. The projects with the "WIP" tag are currently being developed and are subject to change. There are additional projects featured on GitHub and 1GAM that are not listed on this page.

My Hearthstone Collection [WIP]

I threw together this site to publicly display the Hearthstone cards in my collection. I'm currently working on adding search functionality and might try to integrate with Track-o-Bot at some point in the future.

<it's a metaphor for death>

This game won the 2013 IGDA Chicago Game Jam, and is one of my favorite works. Tom Berg, Kevin Folk, TJ Jacobs and I created this game over a 48-hour period. We used the Crafty JavaScript game engine for the final game.

For this game I was once again the game designer and off-and-on coder. I hooked up sound & music, and worked on making the user experience as beginner-friendly as possible. I even added a bit of a hack that saved us from an embarrassing bug during our presentation when the player would occasionally spawn inside a wall.

Fork It!

Fork It! was an entry to the first GitHub Game Off, and our first non-scholarly foray into creating games. Sean Cusick, TJ Jacobs, Tom Patterson, and I got together to create this game. It's certainly not our best work, but the experience taught us a lot about making games and working as a team.

My primary role on this project was the game designer -- I created the mechanics and premise for the game. I also worked on graphics and some level design. It was through this project that we learned the importance of sound. We used the Crafty JavaScript game engine.

Fantasy Football Legacy League [WIP]

The Fantasy Football Legacy League -- or #FFLegacy for the social media aficionado in each of us -- is a fantasy football league I started in 2014. I wanted to create a long-lasting league where owner history could be analyzed and referenced year after year.

This year I've focused on collecting the data from Yahoo and making it accessible as CSVs for the other owners who don't know how to program (a majority). In the off-season I plan to throw together a website and provide basic analytics tools as requested by others in the league.